Neil Kennedy

Freelance photographer and video cameraman specialising in all things rugby - and anything else that takes my fancy

Latest News (Updated 18th April 2016):


Hi everyone, 

I will shortly be travelling back from the World Rugby Womens Sevens series Canada 7s at Langford BC and will post albums in the next week or two.  Albums from the previous weekend's Atlanta 7s are already loaded here.

- next is English Women''s Premiership Cup Final next weekend then the last round of the World Rugby Seves Series in Clermont-Ferrand at the end of May.

January 2016

English Women's Premiership final Richmond v Saracens - 17th Jan done

Wales W v Ireland W pre 6 Nations friendly - 24th Jan done

Worcester Ladies 2nds v Gloucester - 31st Jan done

February 2016

Ladies 6 Nations Round 1 Ireland v Wales - 6th Feb done

Welsh Regions - Blues Women v Ospreys Women - 14th Feb done

Ladies 6 Nations Round 2 Wales v Scotland - 14th Feb done

Army Women v England Women u20 - 18th Feb done

BUCS QF Cardiff Met Women v Uni of Loughborough - 24th Feb done

Ladies 6 Nations Round 3 England v Ireland - 27th Feb done

Ladies 6 Nations Round 3 Wales v France - 28th Feb done

Welsh Regions - Ospreys Women v Dragons Women - 28th Feb done

March 2016

u20s Women England v France - 5th Mar done

Welsh Regions Blues Women v Dragons Women - 6th Mar done

Welsh Regions Scarlets Women v Ospreys Women - 6th Mar done

BUCS SF Cardiff Met v Uni of Gloucestershire - 9th Mar done

Ladies 6 Nations Round 4 England v Wales - 12th Mar done

Worcester Ladies v DMP Sharks - 13th Mar done

Ladies 6 Nations Round 5 Wales v Italy - 20th Mar done

BUCS Final Cardiff Met v Northumbria U - 23rd Mar done

Army Women v Nomads - 26th Mar done


Atlanta Sevens (World Rugby Womens Sevens Series Round 3) - 8th/9th Apr done

Langford BC Sevens (World Rugby Womens Sevens Series Round 4) 15th/16th Apr


Clermont - Ferrand Sevens (World Rugby Womens Sevens Series Round 5)

June - Dublin - Olympics Repechage Tournament

July - World University Sevens, Swansea

September - Brive - Rugby Europe Womens Grand Prix 7s

November - Autumn International women's Ireland and England games v RugbyCanada

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